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Santo Domingo “Kewa” Pueblo Jewelry
Authentic Native American Jewelry
Wearable Art Pieces by Joe & LeJeune Chavez

Joe and LeJeune Chavez are award winning jewelers who blend traditional Pueblo culture and contemporary innovation.   The couple have deep commitment to visual impact, design and structure, carefully designing and creating wearable pieces of art that is described by clients as truly one-of-a-kind.

Joe and LeJeune Chavez attend several juried art markets like the Santa Fe Indian Market, Heard Museum, Santo Domingo Pueblo Art Show and many other Juried Art shows throughout the country.  They also sell their jewelry at the Palace of Governors Museum in Santa Fe.

Joe and Le Jeune Chavez

Joe seamlessly blends overlay technique with cutout Pueblo designs to make “Sterling Silver Overlay” pieces. He uses natural stones and shell in his pieces and does the lapidary stonework transforming traditional Santo Domingo Pueblo culture with contemporary geometrical designs.

LeJeune’s artistic direction reflects her multi-tribal roots. Her style is inspired by her father’s Santo Domingo Pueblo tribe and her mother's Seminole/Creek Nation Oklahoma tribes. She designs and creates the Santo Domingo “Kewa” style of inlay jewelry cutting and placing each small stone into place creating one-of-a-kind inlay jewelry.

LeJeune’s other medium in beadwork is incomparably unique, using natural stones, shells, glass beads and vintage beads. She reflects that, “I think I naturally combine both my parents tribes into my jewelry.”


Joe & LeJeune have another unique style of combining her beadwork with Joe's silverwork they call "Beads on Silver".

Together they sign all their handmade pieces of jewelry insuring customers and collectors of the highest quality and authenticity. Their jewelry is sought out by those fortunate enough to collect their pieces. Joe and LeJeune reside and create their work on the ancestral homelands of the Santo Domingo “Kewa” Pueblo people.

Our Roots

Old Santo Domingo Pueblo Village

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