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This piece I call my Reimaged Chaco Canyon necklace.  This design on the glycymeris shell was found at Chaco Canyon NM and other areas in what is now Arizona.  As Pueblo people we are descendents of the Chaco,  Mesa Verde and other people that lived in ruins of Utah.  In my work I'm trying to keep the memory of them through my jewelry.  So I have designed this piece in my reimaged design.  I inlayed Kingman turquoise stones onto Glycymeris shell that was used on This ancient design. On the bone slider I inlayed with spiney oyster shell,  Pipestone and Kingman Turquoise, the spiney oyster represents the "Chaco doorway".Pipestone represents wood. Above the door way on top of the bone door,  represents Mesa Verde and all other ruins our ancestors lived at. Definitely a one-of-a-kind wearable art piece designed and made by LeJeune Chavez of Santo Domingo "Kewa" Pueblo. 

3 strand Kingman Turquoise with spiney oyster cones and tied off in the traditional braid.  

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