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Handshaped Kingman turquoise necklace with handmade sterling silver beads

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AUTHENTIC HANDMADE SANTO DOMINGO PUEBLO NECKLACE!. Unique and so gorgeous.  Definitely a show stopper!. I made each Kingman Turquoise bead by hand. I cut the stones from a large chuck of Turquoise and cut into smaller shapes, grind, shape, drill, and 5 steps of polishing one turquoise bead at a time. Sterling silver handmade beads with stampwork designs on each. These sterling beads are handmade by my husband Joe Chavez.  I finished this necklace with Joe's handmade sterling silver cones "signed" with his name and my handmade sterling silver hook and eye which I also included handmade bead shots  to each .3" sterling silver chain. Definitely a labor of love.  I added a sterling silver disk with my makers mark at the end of one side. 

23 1/2" end to end with a 3" sterling silver chain extender. 

An original handmade turquoise bead & sterling silver necklace handmade by Joe and LeJeune Chavez of Santo Domingo Pueblo NM. 

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