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"Chaco Series Collection" Inlayed Birds on natural spiney oyster shells

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Traditional Santo Domingo Pueblo necklace. I inlayed the birds in an ancient design of inlayed birds found in the ruins of Chaco Canyon. I hand rolled the turquoise beads, shaped and drilled each turquoise bead one at a time. I shaped and inlayed the natural spiney oyster shell with Pipestone, Abalone shell and turquoise stones. The bottom center bird is inlayed with tail feathers. Black jet & mother of pearl. Tied and braided in the traditional Santo Domingo Pueblo style. Definitely a very unique one-of-a-kind wearable art piece designed and handmade by LeJeune Chavez of Santo Domingo Pueblo NM.

31" end to end of necklace.

Center bottom Chaco bird measures:

3 1/4" - at widest wing span

2 1/4" top of bird head to bottom of feather

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